Welcome to the new ATCC blog!

By Cara Wilder

Welcome to the new ATCC blog! We have created this forum to provide a fun and educational way for Microbiologists and Cell Biologists to learn more about the natural world and to stay connected with new and exciting topics, techniques, and best practices in science. Some of the upcoming topics we will feature include:

  • Tips and techniques on how to initiate and maintain living cultures
  • Best practices and current recommendations for culture authentication
  • New developments in clinical research and drug discovery
  • Latest discoveries in cancer research and infectious disease research

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions about our blog, we would love to hear from you! Send us an email at Marketing@atcc.org to get in contact with us. Also, don't forget to check us out on social media for up-to-the-minute updates; we are on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn!

Please check back to read our newest blog entries. Thank you for stopping by!